Friday, October 9, 2009


Ketupat is rice cake boiled in a rhombus-shaped packet of plaited young coconut leaves. This is a special food in Idul Fitri. I believe that all families in Indonesia make it. To make this food, we need four hours, hmm... long enough!

My family always eat these ketupat with Opor Ayam (Chicken dish cooked with coconut cream and various spices), Sambal Goreng (meat cooked with chili and sauce), and Sayur Cabai (green chili cooked with coconut cream). Yummy! Oishi! I love Lebaran Day ^^

Happy Ied Al Fitr Guys :)

Ups, so, what is your menu in your Victory/ Ied Al Fitr/ Lebaran day??

Torch in Takbiran Nite

I live in one village in small city which rich of some traditions. One of them is Torch Parede. We did it in the last day of Ramadhan (a day before Idul Fitri). Of course, we did this parade at night. We brought torch while we did recitation of laudation/ engage in such recitation (Allahu Akbar - God is Great). We went to one villege to another, yeah around villeges.

And I shot this pict for you ^^

You know what, every one is happy doing this tradition!

They Gave Me Stars

I'll give my stars for those who love and care of me and for those who I love, including my students. Yes, Nabiel and Athar, they were my students. I taught English and Mathematic to them. They are very smart. They can remember some vocabs and count quickly and correctly. I am proud to be their teacher.

I give some exercises to them every meeting, and give them star if they can answer all of my questions correctly. And they are very happy :)

One day, I came out from the class for a minute and left them in the class with some exercises. You know what, they did their exercises quickly and afterwards they draw a lot of stars in whiteboard and when I came into the class, they said "Miss Dee, these stars are for you". So touching ^^

Through these stars, I know how much they love me.

Sunset in My Campus

I love to spend my time (afternoon) in my campus. See the beautiful sunset or twilight in the Track. Here the pict! Kawaii ^^ Gives me another sense


Togethernees is something valuable and precious. Something you need. Something you can not forget! Agree? ^^

As what I feel now, miss them so much

Craftsman/woman (gender!)

Look! In this picture, there is an old woman who try to make something. She is a craftsman. She is expert in making a pot or vase from clay. I met her when I visited to Purwakarta, Indonesia. Yep, I tried to make it and I failed. That's not easy guys. Salute for her ^^

Monday, July 27, 2009

Watashi no chuushoku *

Can you guess what kind of food above? 
Yup, it’s not a pancake or soufflé but it’s a chicken omelet. I made it for my lunch. The taste? Hmm … very delicious with chicken fried rice inside. Wanna know the ingredients? Just leave your email in my blog with your comment of course and I’ll explain it detail ^^ 

Birthday Jelly

The picture above was a birthday jelly. I made it special for my little brother as a gift in his birthday. To be honest, I am not an expert one in cooking, but I tried to make something different as usual (yeah, every year I always buy a birthday cake for him in cake shop or department store, but special for this year I wanna make it by myself). 
You know, my little brother said that this jelly was like jellyfish in sponge bob movie hi..hi.. but however, the taste was delicious, guava flavor with chocolate as a topping.
I got a tip from my friend; if you want to cook something make sure that you feel happy at that time, because your feeling can influence the food you want to cook. If you feel angry, the food will be flavorless or even disgusting. Happy cooking guys ^^

Monday, July 13, 2009

Cirata Paunch

I am back guys ^^

After so long I couldn’t write because so many things I had to do.

Well, I had many pictures that I want to show you, yet I’ll choose the best pictures only.

When I had holiday time, I went to Cirata Paunch (Rumen, Basin, and Reservoir). It is located in Purwakarta, West Java. It will spend two hours from my lodging house in Bandung. The view is great! Even though the weather was not as cold as I think before. Yeah, whatever I really love my journey with my friends.

You know, Cirata Paunch is used for PLTA (Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Air) regulating electricity for Java Island and Bali Island. Awesome! This is the source of electricity for our life! Can you imagine if Cirata Paunch is broken? Hmm… our life will be dark!

This journey wakes me up to be grateful for everything that God gives to me.

Shy Sunset

The sunset in this picture was shy. I found it when I was in my holiday.

Hmm … So kawaii ^^ gold behind green!

Sunset behind trees

Painting ^^

Do you know what they are doing in this pict?

Yes, they were painting. A hundred and ten children drew many pictures in almost fifteen meters white fabric. They were very serious in painting.

This was one of some activities in their holiday.

Yes, through painting, they’ll know kind of colors; they can build and express their imagination; and they’ll aware that they have ability in painting.

Happy Painting guys^^

Being A Mom in Five Days

I am twenty two years old. I can’t imagine being a mom for children, never! Yep, it’s because I am still young. As britney said in her song “I’m not a girl, not yet a women” ^^. That’s me!

BUT, after long holiday I had (yeah, five days was long enough for me to refresh my mind and soul), I can imagine being a mom who has nine children. You know, I decided to fill my holiday being a mom for nine cute children. Wow! It’s not easy actually, but I felt very fun! I felt something different, something shocking and etc.

Now I knew, what’s mom’s feeling when she has to wake her children up; when she has to stop her children crying; when she has to ask children to have eating. Wow! Great Job!

Hmm,, this is amazing experience that I couldn’t forget. Really-really awesome! Very-very wonderful ^^

Well my cute children, Aisyah, Amel, Alifah, Nadya, Rosse, Salma, Mutia, Sefi, and Ivo, thank you very much. You taught me how to be a great mom!

I love you ^^