Saturday, December 24, 2011

Downtown of Cirebon

Here is my hometown. Even though people said that Cirebon isn’t too friendly because the weather yet I love my hometown. It’s a place where billions stories of mine come up. Cirebon is small city; only has two big supermalls and about seven supermarkets. It’s quiet area because no traffic jams here ^^. Well, the picture I catch is the downtown of Cirebon, Gunung Sari. I love to spend my free time here, Gunung Sari Trade Center (GTC), because I can see hurly-burly in Cirebon from the third floor, I love being observer and take pictures of anything around me. If you want to enjoy your weekend or satnite, GTC is a good place; live music will accompany you everynite while you enjoying Cirebon 

The picture above is Grage Mall, the biggest mall in Cirebon. I took it from Gunung Sari Trade Center, in front of it. Meanwhile in the afternoon, you also can see Ciremai Mountain from GTC. Here is, I catch it for you, so beautiful.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Hi hangout lovers ^^ hihi… here is another place where you can feel the natural nature (halllaaahh ^^). Yep, I recommend you to come to this place. They call it PUNCLUT, it’s around Ciumbuleuit, Bandung. I suggest you to feel Punclut at night because you can see a thousand of lamps; a million of stars, a lovely moon, and then you’ll catch romantic night. Ups, don’t forget to wear sweat shirt or thick jacket because it’s soooo fucking cold!

Punclut in the afternoon!

I really love Punclut at night because here is the best spot for daydreaming, introspecting ourselves, and having fun with your friends. There are a lot of waroeng in Punclut, but as I know they sell same menu, Sudanese food. For me, Punclut gives lot of inspirations! They are flying freely ^^

Look at the picture above! What I usually do is sitting there, yeah of course with my warmest friend, tea or coffee (2500 rupiahs) and fried banana (1000 rupiahs), then I start to write, read, and talk to the air ^^ come and enjoy!

Punclut at night ~ around 11 PM

Waroeng Kopi (House of Coffee) Bandung

Hangout! Yuhuuu ^^

I FIND new cozy hangout in Bandung, West Java. I just found it when my friend and I got nothing to do, haha. Let’s go to the new place! By motorbike we reached this place. It’s about 10 minutes from my boarding house, Cipaku-Ledeng. Yiippiiee ~~ the place is unique, now let’s call it WAROENG. Yes, this is it, marvelous café, WAROENG WONG KOPI. Here, you can taste various coffees. You know, actually coffee isn’t only made from ‘coffee seed purely’, but some coffees are made from (mixing) fruits, sand or land, animal feces, and many more. Here is, you can taste them! Haha… it’s like Im promoting this café (waroeng).

Well, the concept of the café is quite unique where the chairs are made from wattle. The lamp is covered by bird nest and batik. And the wall, it is decorated with old painting; old photo of Bandung or people said “Bandoeng Tempoe Doeloe”. Feels so hoooomeeeeey here ^^

~ Mandailing Coffee ~

~ Mandailing coffee, cassava with melting cheese ~

~ Ciblek Ice ~

Price?? Hmm… not too expensive I think, almost all of coffee here 9.000 rupiahs, the most expensive one is luwak coffee, it’s 35.000 rupiahs. And for food, it’s quite expensive for me, but I suggest you to try kind of food here because the taste is so damn yummy ^^ I love Bakmi Godog and Pisang Prawan! Curious? Hahaha… Just come, it’s close to (behind) gas station cipaganti, huft my mistake I don’t know exactly the name of the street, I’ll post it later.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Second Recipe : Puding Caramel

Readers, here is the second recipe that I made with my brothers ^^
Cooking is one best way to have close relation with someone you love. Try it ^^

Don't ask me about the taste because it's sooo damn yummy ^^b

Our Own Doughnut ^^

Hwuaaa... miss this blog so much ^^
I couldn't write for some times because of a little bit busy lately, huhuhu...
Here, I want to share you something, doughnut! Yep most people love doughnut so much because of the taste and the shape. But here, I love doughnut because I made it with my brother and my little brother. Wow! It's was fun!
When I am home, I always spend my time with my family. I love to spend my time with my brothers. One day, my bro brings some instant ingredients to make doughnuts including chocolate block for the topping of doughnut. Then, we made it together. We only need about 30 minutes to make it since it was an instant doughnut. Something fun in making these doughnuts are when we have to decorate it with chocolate, wow, it's time to show how creative I am ^^

Terereng, Our doughnuts ^^ See the beautiful of doughnuts topping below, hehe ^^

The most amazing thing when made this doughnuts is togetherness among us. That's more delicious than the taste of the doughnuts themselves ^^
Let's try it readers, try to spend your time with your family, if you are too busy, at least do it once at weekend!