Sunday, February 1, 2009

Eclipse for You

I am very proud can take this picture and show you! I took it by my self. In the middle of this picture you can see Ring Sun’s Eclipse (Gerhana Matahari cincin). I took it by my pocket camera 7.2 mega pixel around 4.50 pm in observatorium Bosscha.
Look! The moon passed the sun! Awesome!

This is the great picture that i have till now. It's not easy to take it. Some people failed in taking this picture. Oh God, thanks!

For you who never see eclipse, I provide this picture for you ^^

This is Observatory Bosscha

This is Bosscha. A beautiful place in Bandung, near Lembang. A place where we can see Milky Way and do observation about stars, etc. This place was established by Bosscha, a man from Germany. Based on the history, he was crazy about stars, he was so smart, and then he build it. This building is a heritage from him.

This picture also become an evidence that i ever go there, Bosscha. Hiihii ...

In my opinion, this building is more wonderful, amazing, great than mal, store, etc. Yeah, the weather is cool, and the view is so fantastic! peaceful ^^

Just pay for the ticket five hundreds to ten hundreds rupiahs you can feel what i said previously ^^

For my friend who took this pict, thanx!


That's me! Haha ... I am curious too ^^ want to see eclipse of course!

I use another telescope, the shape and size of this telescope is bigger than coronado.

Yup, I asked my friend to took the picture when i used the telescope, as the evidence that i ever use telescope hihi...! Thanx bro ^^

Well guys, have you ever use that telescope??

Hmm,,, based on information, the price of that telescope is around three millions rupiahs. Wow! That's so cheap for rich people ^^ piss. And brand of it is Celestron

Start from now, let's saving our money to see and choose our own stars through our own telescope ^^

so curious!!


A girl in red shirt doesn't patient to use telescope, Coronado. Can you see the eclipse girl?

Yeah, she was very curious about the eclipse i think, you can see from the way she saw hihi.. she bent down, ganbate sist ^^ 

stand in line guys ^^

Look guys! People are willing to stand in line to see Ring Sun’s Eclipse (Gerhana Matahari Cincin) through telescope. They were sacrificed to try to see and use the telescope. The name of that telescope is Coronado. Wanna try to use this telescope? Just come to Bosscha.
Additional information, the amount of visitors at that time is around 800 people. Wow! And the long of queue is about eight meters. Hihi ^^