Saturday, December 27, 2008

Red, Red, Rose?

Let me show you the beauty of flower.
I took it in Cihideung, Parongpong, West Java. You know, there are so many kinds of flower there. And of course, I could not stop my hand to take a lot of pictures hahaha … zettai!
Besides, you can also feel the truly nature there, take a fresh air, and many things. Yup,,, when I feel bored with all activities around me, I always go there. Just 3.000 rupiahs, you can get something fresh and something beautiful, I believe that you can not feel it in the big / crowded city. Peace ^^

Traditional Music Instruments

The last picture, this is the music instrument, originally from Indonesia. There are gendang, degung, gong, and gamelan. Wow! Have you try to play it?
Yup. Guys, we have to be proud as Indonesian people. Indonesia is very rich country, has a lot of cultures. And what we have to do? Do not let other countries steal our cultures. Ok! That’s sad because I could not be a part of them. I was late to join. But I promise, next, I will recognize it to my children, and I hope they will be a part of them. They will care their cultures. Amiin. ^^. What do you think?

Mask Dance 2

There were a man and a woman actually. The position of man is under the woman. Can you do it?

Mask Dance 1

Finally, we arrive to Cirebon. Look! Mask Dance. They did it very energetic, dense, and full of spirit, wonderful dance guys. Believe me!
It’s not easy to dance it because I’ve try learn how to dance it before hihi ^^. Besides, when we dance, we have to bite a mask. Hmm … Not easy right? Yeah…Cirebon is great city. Have you visit Cirebon? Just call me, and I’ll accompany you to have a walk around Cirebon.

Saman Dance

This one is familiar dance for you I think. Guess what? Yes, Saman Dance from Aceh. Wow! This is great dance. They were very dense. I love how the way they were scream. The presenters said that this dance is like the way for them to worship to our prophet, Muhammad SAW.

Angin Mamiri Dance

I love this dance, really. Why? Because the performers were children, very cute children. Even though they are children, I absolutely believe they are more expert than me in dancing Angin Mamiri Dance. It is a dance from North Sulawesi.
I imagine my daughter will be a part of them next. Hihi …


This was the big and great performance I think. All of performer in cultural performance played angklung (traditional instrument from West Java) and sang together. They sang I will survive, Pernah Muda, and the last (sorry, I forgot the title) piss ^^.
Mo ichido, gomen ne, I could not take all of performer because it’s too large, long line. My camera could not cover all.
Pray for me in order to I can buy a new and better camera than this one, 8.2 MP.

Rampak Ganda

The presenters said that the name of this performance is Rampak Ganda. They were dancing actually. They just play some unique instruments such as pail, pan, broom, and etc. They sang Manuk Dadali, sundanese’s song. You know, they were very creative. I think it’s like percussion or tatalu. Just try with your own pan and broom. Haha …

Blantek Dance

Then, Blantek Dance. Sounds strange ya? Originally, it comes from Jakarta. As the presenters said that the dress of this dance was influenced by China. Yeah, I believe you know about the existence of China in our country in the past. What do you think about the dress?

Merak Dance

You know friends, what did I do today?
I was traveling around Indonesia. I went to Aceh, then to North Sulawesi, then Jakarta, then the last destination to my beloved city, my hometown, the one and only, yeah, you are right guys, Cirebon! Hihi … ^^
But, just lie hehehe … (I hope it will be come true. Amiin.)
To be honest, today I went to the one building in Indonesia Kyoiku Daigaku, Balai Pertemuan. There was an awesome event there, CULTURAL PERFORMANCE. I took some pictures for you and simple explanation that I heard at that time.

The picture above is Merak Dance. It is originally from West Java. You can see the beautiful dress that dancers wear, so colorful. Have you seen?

still, Cihideung

Still, in Cihideung, Parongpong, West Java.
I try to cover the beauty of Cihideung, yup…this is the result. Perhaps it’s not too good but let me explain to complete it.
Well, the weather is very cool. People who live there are always wearing sweater, jacket, and gloves. Hmm… can you imagine it? Yup, you have to prepare everything if you want to go there. Guys, see the sky please! White, blue, mix gray. Based on information that I got, Fog always come and covers the hill there. Wow! To feel it more, I suggest you to go there.

Baby Rose

In Cihideung, there is rose garden. Look! There is a gardener who plants those roses. He said that the type of rose in the picture that I took is baby rose. Small, beautiful, and colorful.
You know, only 2500 rupiahs you can get one rose. Yeah, I bought one white rose. Yuppie^^

Thursday, December 25, 2008

House above the house?

Look! So Amazing! Peace ^^
I took this photo when I went to my friend’s room in Ledeng, Bandung, West Java. Hmm… perhaps it’s common for people who live there, but not for me. Yeah, the building is not well structured I think. In that area, there are so many boarding houses or rent room, yup, something like that, rent for students. Hmm … even I am not an expert in architecture’s field, but we are free to comment it, right? You can see in my photo, there is a house under the house. Between those houses, there is a house also. Huh! Hard for me to explain it. Just see guys! And what do you think about it??


Can you guess what kind of food above?
Yeah, recently, I just try it. The name of that food is paradox I think. I mean, contradiction but support each other. Well, let me explain. The name of that food is FRIED ICE CREAM (Ice cream goreng). Can you imagine, inside of that food is something cool, but outside of it is hot! Hahaha … Strange but unique! How about the taste? Hmm … maamaa ~~ not bad ~~ lumayanlah ~~
Guys, Have you try it?


I took this photo when I went to my hometown, Cirebon. I had assignment to take one or more different picture from journalistic club in Bandung. Well, as you can see there were many people in this photo. Most of them are old women and children. What did they do at that time? They were waiting for people who want to share coin (money). 
Let me tell about it step by step! This event happen every Thursday or Friday nite or on Java’s Calendar we said it Friday Kliwon (Jumat Kliwon). Gomen ne, because I did not too understand the history about this traditional event. But I got information from one person that this is a heritage from elder generation (yeah, from one generation to the next generation). There is a mosque there (I could not take the photo of that mosque because it located in small path and you know, too crowded for me to enter that path). Hmm…should I mention the name of the mosque? Let me think! Hmmm.. hmmm.. ok! Jagabayan mosque. People who have dream, wishes, or expectation could come there. Pray there. Besides, you can take “holy” water from well (sumur) there. They believe that it can help you; to make your dream comes true. Believe it or not, I just try to share to you hahaha …
After they pray and take water there, it’s better for them to share their luck (through coin) to people outside which already waiting for them. Yup! I believe that this traditional event is a part of our culture. As we know that this country is rich of cultures. So, just be proud as Indonesian people. ^^


Again! I love the sky in this photo. So friendly. 
I took it from fourth floor at 01.00 pm in JICA. 
Besides the sky, you also can see the blue mountain; track (a place for people doing exercise, sports, etc), and Bandung from far.

shine in dark

I took this picture when I was in copywriting class. I took this from fifth floor at 4.30 pm.
I really really love this picture! So much! 
Look! The sky is so great. It’s dark but still, there is a shine come from the old building (isola). That building has its own shine even though dark try to cover the building. Wonderful!