Monday, February 22, 2010

Marvelous Traveling

What will you do when you were getting stuck; no idea; can't read; hard to write; not feel like to listen music even to sing? Fuiihh,,, freakish time! That was happen to me yesterday. Aha! I took a bath, wore casual dress, and then walked, dunno know the destination, and I thought on the way. Yippie! Got idea! Because I love nature so I decided to go to somewhere I haven't know yet. Curug (Waterfall) Cimahi ^^. Most people said that it's a cool place with five hundred ladder steps. Ow.. ow.. Can I step up and down those ladders alone? Crazy challenge! I made it :) I prepared anything from a huge bottle of mineral water, snack, candies, and absolutely it's a must, CamDi ^_^

First destination, Curug Dimahi!

The location is in Parongpong area. I took a ride two angkot (public transportation), you know, I dunno exactly the place so I asked people around me, and thanks God; they helped me. One suggestion for you, just be polite and give your best smile if you need people's help. Back! You only need 5.000 rupiahs, from Ledeng to Curug. Cheap for student like me!

Welcome to Curug Cimahi, it was Weekend, Sunday. Wow! Many people sto

od in front of ticket counter. Well, I thought they were queue but however I was not alone anymore ^^. I came close to that counter but "closed", what's happen? I asked to a woman there with my best polite attitude. She said that Curug Cimahi is closed because of landslide. Hufffttt.... little bit disappointed but doesn't matter, just say Alhamdulillah because I am safe; can’t imagine if I am in and the landslide comes.

But I promise one day I’ll come back and take pictures of waterfall for my loyal reader and you who curious bout it.

Second destination, Lembang!

From Curug Cimahi to Lembang, it takes forty five minutes with three angkot. You must dive into your pocket around 7.500 rupiahs. Then, I stopped in front of Pasar (Traditional market) Le

mbang, you know, the first thing I searched is Ketan Bakar (baked sticky rice). It is 4.000 rupiahs. Aha, it made my stomach full enough but I was curious with new menu, Colenak, I bought it and yummy, unique taste. But so sorry, I just took a picture of Ketan Bakan and me as a model ^^

Ketan Bakar

Third Destination, Café Sumur (Susu Murni)!

I used horse-drawn buggy to go there. Yep, it’s very traditional trans

portation. I only need pay a thousand rupiah. I arrived in the café and I was shocked. Why? Yup, the prize of all menus here are not economical for student. But the special thing here is, they provide various milk. I ordered a strawberry milk and Siomay. For two menus, I paid 18.000 rupiah, huks… >_< but fine, at least I got precious day.

I went at 10 A.M and came back to my room at 3 P.M. Wow! This traveling made me tired so I slept in the way back to home hahaha…

Here is a view in Cafe, a green pond ^^

Perhaps this traveling is strange because I did it alone. Haha… some people I met did not believe I was alone. In Curug, a woman asked where my couple is; the seller of Ketan Bakar delivered same question too. And then my bro also called me by ponsel and said how strange you are, dear! Hmmm… Whatever they said, I don’t care; sometimes we need spoiled our selves and have dating with your own soul ^^ don’t be afraid to go somewhere alone. If you have right intention, God with you!

So guys! Next marvelous traveling is waiting me, I’ll tell you more next time ^^

Happy traveling!!