Saturday, December 24, 2011

Downtown of Cirebon

Here is my hometown. Even though people said that Cirebon isn’t too friendly because the weather yet I love my hometown. It’s a place where billions stories of mine come up. Cirebon is small city; only has two big supermalls and about seven supermarkets. It’s quiet area because no traffic jams here ^^. Well, the picture I catch is the downtown of Cirebon, Gunung Sari. I love to spend my free time here, Gunung Sari Trade Center (GTC), because I can see hurly-burly in Cirebon from the third floor, I love being observer and take pictures of anything around me. If you want to enjoy your weekend or satnite, GTC is a good place; live music will accompany you everynite while you enjoying Cirebon 

The picture above is Grage Mall, the biggest mall in Cirebon. I took it from Gunung Sari Trade Center, in front of it. Meanwhile in the afternoon, you also can see Ciremai Mountain from GTC. Here is, I catch it for you, so beautiful.