Saturday, December 24, 2011

Downtown of Cirebon

Here is my hometown. Even though people said that Cirebon isn’t too friendly because the weather yet I love my hometown. It’s a place where billions stories of mine come up. Cirebon is small city; only has two big supermalls and about seven supermarkets. It’s quiet area because no traffic jams here ^^. Well, the picture I catch is the downtown of Cirebon, Gunung Sari. I love to spend my free time here, Gunung Sari Trade Center (GTC), because I can see hurly-burly in Cirebon from the third floor, I love being observer and take pictures of anything around me. If you want to enjoy your weekend or satnite, GTC is a good place; live music will accompany you everynite while you enjoying Cirebon 

The picture above is Grage Mall, the biggest mall in Cirebon. I took it from Gunung Sari Trade Center, in front of it. Meanwhile in the afternoon, you also can see Ciremai Mountain from GTC. Here is, I catch it for you, so beautiful.


Jared Monster said...

bagus juga yah,gw baru nyadar klo kota kelahiran gw bgitu cantik dan indah hehehe.............

bintangbintangde said...

hey, orang Cirebon juga tah? hehe..
iya donk, proud to be Wong Cerbon :)

Btw, salam kenal. Thanks buat komennya ^^