Saturday, April 2, 2011

Second Recipe : Puding Caramel

Readers, here is the second recipe that I made with my brothers ^^
Cooking is one best way to have close relation with someone you love. Try it ^^

Don't ask me about the taste because it's sooo damn yummy ^^b

Our Own Doughnut ^^

Hwuaaa... miss this blog so much ^^
I couldn't write for some times because of a little bit busy lately, huhuhu...
Here, I want to share you something, doughnut! Yep most people love doughnut so much because of the taste and the shape. But here, I love doughnut because I made it with my brother and my little brother. Wow! It's was fun!
When I am home, I always spend my time with my family. I love to spend my time with my brothers. One day, my bro brings some instant ingredients to make doughnuts including chocolate block for the topping of doughnut. Then, we made it together. We only need about 30 minutes to make it since it was an instant doughnut. Something fun in making these doughnuts are when we have to decorate it with chocolate, wow, it's time to show how creative I am ^^

Terereng, Our doughnuts ^^ See the beautiful of doughnuts topping below, hehe ^^

The most amazing thing when made this doughnuts is togetherness among us. That's more delicious than the taste of the doughnuts themselves ^^
Let's try it readers, try to spend your time with your family, if you are too busy, at least do it once at weekend!