Thursday, November 25, 2010

Korean Food? Here!

Hi bloggers! How’s life?
Me? Aha, Yippie, got something new to share. Ops, I don’t know whether you ever hear about it or not but, yep, just check it out yaa..
Guys, you know, lately I am really curious with everything that smells soooo Korea (lee minho), haha… I mean everything that relates to Korea: language, culture, and yes, right, FOOOOOOD ^^
Hmm… I think for now it’s impossible for me to go to Korea Restaurant alone since I heard that the price of them is so shocking. Yeah, saving and asking friends to go there with you is one way to make it real, right?
But oh my, how lucky I am when my beloved teacher invites me and my friends to have dinner in one Korean Restaurant in Bandung. Wow! No need to think again and I say directly “YES” haha :) You know, when you come there I guarantee it feels like in Korea because most people who come there are Korean, they are talking Korean loudly. Ooh, hopefully after having dinner there I can speak Korean fluently (ops) or I meet big hearted person who will invite me to visit his or her country, KOREA, freely!
Well guys, some tips for you if you have a plan to eat in Korean Restaurant: first, make sure that you order halal food because some Korean foods are not halal for Moslems. Second, it’s better for you who don’t have pretty money to go there with a lot of friends because the food’s price is so wow (for info, a little bowl of rice is 15.000 rupiahs and one little menu for one person is about 60.000 to 80.000 rupiahs). I suggest you to order one food (big menu) that can be shared for more than five people (My teacher did it and it works ^^). Third, just act like that it’s not your first time come to that restaurant because when you act like it’s your first time, they only give you little appetizer or dessert or even they won’t give it to you.
Here they are, KOREAN FOOD!

Kimchi is traditional food in Korea, consist of vegetables.

For info, most Korean food is spicy.

picture above is 해물전골 (Haemul Jeon Gol), taste? soooo yummy!

above is 김치전골 (Kimchi Jeon Gol) sooo spicy!

yep, thank to 제 선생님 ^^

25 Nov 10 09.36 PM

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Traditional Toilet

New Age, New Experience, means Traveling!
Yippie, last year I went to Yogyakarta to fill my day. And now (October-2010) Ciamis becomes the next destination of my life’s journey. The main reason why I choose Ciamis because I want to visit Pangandaran beach, most people said that Pangandaran is the most beautiful beach in West Java. I spent three days in Cimerak, Ciamis, West Java. I stay overnight at my best friend’s house. How lucky I am when my friend said that her family has wide agricultural field and some ponds. I asked her to bring me to see them. I am really curious with the real condition of Cimerak village. And, wow! It is so amazing; everything’s still green and you know, the weather is so fresh. Something unique that I found in this place is traditional toilet. I can’t believe that some of people there still use such a toilet. One thing that I still think about, the position of that traditional toilet is in the pond. And that pond has so many kinds of fish. In short, they loosen the bowels there and they eat the fish in that pond too. Hmm… sounds disgusting but it happens.
Look at the picture! Haha.. I can’t!

10 Nov 10 10.22 AM

My Day

My day comes!
Dear the writer of Around Me and Katakatakuw, Happy Birthday!
Hope everything will run successfully. Be a real Muslimah ya ^^

10 Nov 10 09.24 AM

Rice! Will make you little bit Crazy ^^

Always! When I feel bored, I try to go somewhere that I never visit before.
Again! Getting bored because of my final paper (skripsi), I decided to go to cinema and watched movie. Hmm.. so sorry, I forgot the title of the movie; I just remembered what I ate, yes, Nasi Gila!
Nasi Gila or Crazy Rice (red- English version ^^v) is rice that completed with small egg, some slices of meat, sauce, and ups, forget, take a look to the pict ya!
You know, the price is only about 8.000 rupiahs. Do you wanna taste it? Just visit small resto near to Braga City Walk.
And the taste? It will make you crazy, just a little bit crazy, don’t worry.

10 Nov 10 08.56 AM

We are soooo lucky!

Don’t you realize that you and I are sooo lucky. Why? Because I believe that you who are reading my blog are people who have a great opportunity to have a seat in formal education for years; feel how great the taste of the school is. There, we fight with books and pens in the comfortable room with air conditioner that we can control it whenever we want.
See! compare it with the picture of the boy that I took months ago. What we must do is be grateful.

10 Nov 10 08.42 AM