Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Traditional Toilet

New Age, New Experience, means Traveling!
Yippie, last year I went to Yogyakarta to fill my day. And now (October-2010) Ciamis becomes the next destination of my life’s journey. The main reason why I choose Ciamis because I want to visit Pangandaran beach, most people said that Pangandaran is the most beautiful beach in West Java. I spent three days in Cimerak, Ciamis, West Java. I stay overnight at my best friend’s house. How lucky I am when my friend said that her family has wide agricultural field and some ponds. I asked her to bring me to see them. I am really curious with the real condition of Cimerak village. And, wow! It is so amazing; everything’s still green and you know, the weather is so fresh. Something unique that I found in this place is traditional toilet. I can’t believe that some of people there still use such a toilet. One thing that I still think about, the position of that traditional toilet is in the pond. And that pond has so many kinds of fish. In short, they loosen the bowels there and they eat the fish in that pond too. Hmm… sounds disgusting but it happens.
Look at the picture! Haha.. I can’t!

10 Nov 10 10.22 AM