Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dad ,,,

Rain falls tonight and then her eyes change to red. It tries to accompany her.

She cries out when she just know the rules, the story behind it.

Wherever you are, Dad, I miss you so much,,

I never see, never touch, and never hug and never kiss you, never, since you closed your eyes when rain fell at that time.

I never know what you wants, what you needs, and what's your dreams of me, a little girl who really need you beside.

Dad, I want to talk to you, want to share stories to you and many things I have.

Dad, I just know your life, your rules, and I break them. Verily, I have not listen bout them yet. And now, only regret that I have.

My beloved Dad, repentantly, Gomen nasai, forgive me.

Dad, I LOVE YOU for keeps.

You know God, when they were talking about Dad, I can't.

When they were explaining that their Dad hug them tightly, I haven't.

When they were hand in hand with their Dad, I can't.

God, let me meet him in my dream,

God, let him kiss me and hug me tightly even though only in my dream.

Dad, you know, I never forget to pray and put my arm to Allah in order to I can meet you in the heaven.

Dad, wait me there ...

Dad, I LOVE YOU for keeps,

Evermore, I LOVE YOU,

I MISS YOU for good and all.

Love you ...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

bLue skY

Friends, what did you feel after you see the blue sky in this pict?
What do you think bout that sky?

The weather feels hot but for me, there is tranquility there. Don’t you agree?