Friday, January 15, 2010


We never know with whom we will meet next minute; next day; next month; even next year. Our future is a mysterious. I had it. I never think I will know her, Zeny. She is my new friend; my little sista from Australia. She is cute, bashful, and smart. We shared many things, 'bout what we must do as a girl and moslem; 'bout the story of our life.
In the last meeting, I wrote something in her hand and mine. Do you wanna know her? Hmmm... that's hard to take a photo with her ^^
However, lots of thank sista, I learned many things from you ^^
C.U next time... May Allah always in our heart and bless every step we have :)

Prince Mountain?

This is a Gunung Putri (Princess Mountain), located in Cikole, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. This mountain was a part of my journey in the early of this year, 2010.
Question: Is there any Prince Mountain in this world? (hihi... gender mode on) ^^

Perfect Painting

This pict was like a painting, right? But guys, it's real; I captured it by myself around 5 A.M on 1st January 2010. Perfect Painting from Allah :)

The Noctune

The shiny dot in the middle is a moon and the silhouette around is casuarina trees. I shot it in the new year eve 2010. Yes, I had a very special new year eve. Before I captured this, I explored pine forest and only a flashlight in my neck accompanied me during my journey. How beautiful; It's like in twilight movie; the lack is only there is no cool man like Edward there haha.. peace ^^
After I explored the forest, I lay down my body on the green green grass, Subhanallah this is one of my dreams; have a wonderful sleep under the sky; have a made eyes at stars; feel a fresh wind caressed and spoiled me at night; and it comes true; I grateful to Allah.
Readers! I suggest you to try to lay down your body and self like what I've done; you can write everything or record your voice perhaps; put your problems at home. Feel the different sensation here!

Hopefully, I can feel this moment again next year; not alone :)

Panoramic Beauty

Look and see! How impressive the golden shine that appears in the sky! And the hills behind complete the panoramic beauty. I captured this photo around 5 A.M.
You know, at that time, I had hiking to the spruc forest; feel fresh atmosphere; listen the cock crow; and this is it; I shared to you ^^

Three in One

Three in one. Three flavors in one pack.
I just know that we can plant three kinds of plant in one spot. Wow! Means that we can do land-saving here ^^
In the photo above; leaf onions, lettuce, and chilli can live together and be a happy family.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First destination : Jogja!

Finally, I can write and share again about my journey, everything I shot with my camdi. For my loyal reader of my blog, this is it, my new experience, absolutely; I’ll never try to forget!

Bag packer! Ahaa… I never imagine being bag packer. This is my first experience!

Yogyakarta was the first destination since I never go there and all of my friends often tell about the uniqueness of this student city more and more. I said to my self, one day, I bent on to go to this city, Gudeg city. Gudeg is the traditional food there; hmmm… the taste is too sweet for me: I can’t try it; I only ate Nasi Kucing (cat rice) and kopi joss (joss coffee) – a black coffee with black hot charcoal without any sugar; very dark and bitter.

I prepared everything for this journey, saving money, keep my health, and of course beg leave to my parents. Yep, those were tips for you if you wanna have a bag packing time like me.

Shortly, I went to Yogya with my friends, four men, and two women including me, my self. Hmm, brave enough! We entrain from Kiara Condong, Bandung, at 21.05 and we only need 24.000 rupiahs to buy a ticket. It’s very cheap for along journey. We arrived in Lempuyangan station, Yogyakarta at 06.30. Yep, almost 10 hours in train, very economic train, where many vendor there, from food, water, fan, doll, belt, many things. A train where you can smell kind of people’ sweat; you can see how dark the night; how romantic lamps at night. It sounds tiring and disgusting perhaps, but you know wonderful behind; full of lessons; down to earth! There was togetherness and effort to go for a stroll ^^

Believe it or not guys, I just need 350.000 rupiahs for five days in Yogya, including food, carfare, meet all bills and tickets, souvenirs, and many things. Wow! Out of my mind!

The most precious time was when Yogya celebrated my birthday ^^ I arrived in Yogya on October 18th 2009, in my birthday, in Yogya’s birthday also. Yep, I never celebrate my birthday in my hometown or my own place; I must go somewhere, new place. And how lucky I am, in this year, I celebrated my birthday in Yogyakarta. The pictures below were a special gift from Yogya to me (Yogyakarta’s Festival).

Giant puppet! I dunno whether this is Rama, Gatot Kaca, Brahmana or not. Do you know? I only know that puppet is our heritage. Keep it as mine!!

Satan's teeth

I think the very bad giant doll above is a symbol of Satan. See! His sharp eyetooth, so terrifying! But I think, this brown Satan is not a lazy Satan, why? Look! How white and clean his teeth haha ^^ peace

Green Satan

I know this one; we called it Buta Ijo (Green Blind or Green Satan). Based on the story I knew, this Satan is very grumpy, conceited and magniloquent. Is that true guys?

Trash Robot

This is trash robot not scum of society ^^. See! How creative the creator of this robot, collect many rubbish and unite them become long robot. Two thumbs up!


My friends and I had belly laugh when saw the models. Watch! They are hermaphrodite models. Woow! They had strong confidence.

glamour; beauty plus brawny

Hmm… think about the pictures above guys! Are they a dancer or a queen?

Javanese Bridegroom

Javanese Bridegroom! Hmm… around me, this is the hottest topic. One day, I become a bride too (Insha Allah) like in the picture but the different is that I’ll wear jilbab (scarf/ veil) in my wedding. I’ll tell you if that day comes through this blog, so keep blogging and read mine. ^^

Bag Packers ^^

My friends and I are in Boko temple. There is a statue in the middle (I dunno whether it is Budhist or Hindu). Something that I remember, the weather was very HOT! Bring an umbrella and towel if you intend to go there.

Prambanan Temple

This is me in Prambanan Temple. Look at the left side, the temple was broke because of earthquake. When I was there, the government is trying to rebuild it.

Who is the carver?

Still questioning and thinking how came they carved stone and unite them till become a temple. Very cool! I admire the carver of it so much ^^

And yes, people said that there is a story in this stone; why they curve it.

Me and Borobudur

This is me (again) in Borobudur Temple. Borobudur is one of seven miracles building in the world. Thanks Allah, finally I can see and touch this temple directly. One thing you have to know that Borobudur is located in Magelang, central Java.

Nasi Jamblang

Nasi Jamblang or Jamblang Rice is a traditional food originally from Cirebon, West Java, My Hometown. This is very economical food; you can eat two packs of rice with tofu, sambal (sauce), satai potato with price about 3000 rupiahs. Have you ever try to eat Jambalng Rice? Visit Cirebon now! And find my favorite Jamblang Rice in front of Morning Market (Pasar Pagi) next to Cirebon Souvenirs Shop! I suggest you to eat at night because you can see and feel the atmosphere of Cirebon truly.