Friday, January 15, 2010


We never know with whom we will meet next minute; next day; next month; even next year. Our future is a mysterious. I had it. I never think I will know her, Zeny. She is my new friend; my little sista from Australia. She is cute, bashful, and smart. We shared many things, 'bout what we must do as a girl and moslem; 'bout the story of our life.
In the last meeting, I wrote something in her hand and mine. Do you wanna know her? Hmmm... that's hard to take a photo with her ^^
However, lots of thank sista, I learned many things from you ^^
C.U next time... May Allah always in our heart and bless every step we have :)


Egi Arvian F said...

Thanks for the comment. Keep producing good works :)