Friday, January 15, 2010

The Noctune

The shiny dot in the middle is a moon and the silhouette around is casuarina trees. I shot it in the new year eve 2010. Yes, I had a very special new year eve. Before I captured this, I explored pine forest and only a flashlight in my neck accompanied me during my journey. How beautiful; It's like in twilight movie; the lack is only there is no cool man like Edward there haha.. peace ^^
After I explored the forest, I lay down my body on the green green grass, Subhanallah this is one of my dreams; have a wonderful sleep under the sky; have a made eyes at stars; feel a fresh wind caressed and spoiled me at night; and it comes true; I grateful to Allah.
Readers! I suggest you to try to lay down your body and self like what I've done; you can write everything or record your voice perhaps; put your problems at home. Feel the different sensation here!

Hopefully, I can feel this moment again next year; not alone :)