Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merak Dance

You know friends, what did I do today?
I was traveling around Indonesia. I went to Aceh, then to North Sulawesi, then Jakarta, then the last destination to my beloved city, my hometown, the one and only, yeah, you are right guys, Cirebon! Hihi … ^^
But, just lie hehehe … (I hope it will be come true. Amiin.)
To be honest, today I went to the one building in Indonesia Kyoiku Daigaku, Balai Pertemuan. There was an awesome event there, CULTURAL PERFORMANCE. I took some pictures for you and simple explanation that I heard at that time.

The picture above is Merak Dance. It is originally from West Java. You can see the beautiful dress that dancers wear, so colorful. Have you seen?