Thursday, December 25, 2008


I took this photo when I went to my hometown, Cirebon. I had assignment to take one or more different picture from journalistic club in Bandung. Well, as you can see there were many people in this photo. Most of them are old women and children. What did they do at that time? They were waiting for people who want to share coin (money). 
Let me tell about it step by step! This event happen every Thursday or Friday nite or on Java’s Calendar we said it Friday Kliwon (Jumat Kliwon). Gomen ne, because I did not too understand the history about this traditional event. But I got information from one person that this is a heritage from elder generation (yeah, from one generation to the next generation). There is a mosque there (I could not take the photo of that mosque because it located in small path and you know, too crowded for me to enter that path). Hmm…should I mention the name of the mosque? Let me think! Hmmm.. hmmm.. ok! Jagabayan mosque. People who have dream, wishes, or expectation could come there. Pray there. Besides, you can take “holy” water from well (sumur) there. They believe that it can help you; to make your dream comes true. Believe it or not, I just try to share to you hahaha …
After they pray and take water there, it’s better for them to share their luck (through coin) to people outside which already waiting for them. Yup! I believe that this traditional event is a part of our culture. As we know that this country is rich of cultures. So, just be proud as Indonesian people. ^^