Friday, October 9, 2009

They Gave Me Stars

I'll give my stars for those who love and care of me and for those who I love, including my students. Yes, Nabiel and Athar, they were my students. I taught English and Mathematic to them. They are very smart. They can remember some vocabs and count quickly and correctly. I am proud to be their teacher.

I give some exercises to them every meeting, and give them star if they can answer all of my questions correctly. And they are very happy :)

One day, I came out from the class for a minute and left them in the class with some exercises. You know what, they did their exercises quickly and afterwards they draw a lot of stars in whiteboard and when I came into the class, they said "Miss Dee, these stars are for you". So touching ^^

Through these stars, I know how much they love me.


Egi said...

Hello math sensei, be good to the students ya :)