Monday, July 13, 2009

Being A Mom in Five Days

I am twenty two years old. I can’t imagine being a mom for children, never! Yep, it’s because I am still young. As britney said in her song “I’m not a girl, not yet a women” ^^. That’s me!

BUT, after long holiday I had (yeah, five days was long enough for me to refresh my mind and soul), I can imagine being a mom who has nine children. You know, I decided to fill my holiday being a mom for nine cute children. Wow! It’s not easy actually, but I felt very fun! I felt something different, something shocking and etc.

Now I knew, what’s mom’s feeling when she has to wake her children up; when she has to stop her children crying; when she has to ask children to have eating. Wow! Great Job!

Hmm,, this is amazing experience that I couldn’t forget. Really-really awesome! Very-very wonderful ^^

Well my cute children, Aisyah, Amel, Alifah, Nadya, Rosse, Salma, Mutia, Sefi, and Ivo, thank you very much. You taught me how to be a great mom!

I love you ^^


Gie said...

You might be true, yet there are many other girls out there younger than you who become mothers, more or less it's just the matter of ready or not to play that role, hehe... Good job anyways!