Monday, July 27, 2009

Birthday Jelly

The picture above was a birthday jelly. I made it special for my little brother as a gift in his birthday. To be honest, I am not an expert one in cooking, but I tried to make something different as usual (yeah, every year I always buy a birthday cake for him in cake shop or department store, but special for this year I wanna make it by myself). 
You know, my little brother said that this jelly was like jellyfish in sponge bob movie hi..hi.. but however, the taste was delicious, guava flavor with chocolate as a topping.
I got a tip from my friend; if you want to cook something make sure that you feel happy at that time, because your feeling can influence the food you want to cook. If you feel angry, the food will be flavorless or even disgusting. Happy cooking guys ^^


dr BackBone said...

It look nice..congrat