Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rice! Will make you little bit Crazy ^^

Always! When I feel bored, I try to go somewhere that I never visit before.
Again! Getting bored because of my final paper (skripsi), I decided to go to cinema and watched movie. Hmm.. so sorry, I forgot the title of the movie; I just remembered what I ate, yes, Nasi Gila!
Nasi Gila or Crazy Rice (red- English version ^^v) is rice that completed with small egg, some slices of meat, sauce, and ups, forget, take a look to the pict ya!
You know, the price is only about 8.000 rupiahs. Do you wanna taste it? Just visit small resto near to Braga City Walk.
And the taste? It will make you crazy, just a little bit crazy, don’t worry.

10 Nov 10 08.56 AM