Monday, May 24, 2010

Mie Koc(L)ok Kota Udang

Hello friends!
This is it, a special delicious yummy food from my hometown, Shrimp City. Well, Im gonna introduce to you, the main ingredient of this food is noodles. It is completed with tauge, chicken meat, some slices of eggs, and onion leaves. The most unique one is white soup. Right, the soup is poured around all ingredients. My mum said it made from cornstarch mix with water and some cooking spices (hihi... I dunno exactly).

Guys, I really love this food so much ^^. You only need eight thousand rupiah to taste it but me, Im free hihi... coz I often eat with my beloved brother, lho? ^^ yeah, Im a lucky sister!

Come to Cirebon and taste this food, MIE KOCOK CIREBON but sometimes some people called it as MIE KOCLOK CIREBON (with L in the middle). You can find it in hmm... I forgot the name of the area, but it is near MASJID MERAH and TK TPA AL IRSYAD.

Happy Visting My Hometown ^^

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