Monday, May 24, 2010

Blunt Words

Sometimes you need to go somewhere you love, alone.
Sometimes you need to talk to yourself outside, alone.

Eating durian is very very fascinating activity. Hmm... the smell and the taste of this expensive fruit always flirting me to eat more and more. Not only me who love this fruit, but also all members in my family except my lil brother hihi... When we gather, we always buy some durians, precious moment! And you know, my brother becomes my rival since he also crazy about durian just like me (piss A) ^^v

One day in my free time, I went to Durian Corner in Bandung, around Dago. I ordered a cup of an chocolate durian ice. Then suddenly after I ate that ice I found something WOW in the table; a sentence that make me laugh alone just like insane person at that time.

"Think Twice Before U Do That" with four exclamations.

Yes, perhaps the owner has good aim by writing that sentence; to aware the customer for being a good and polite guy; keep everything ok. But I think, that is a very blunt warning since the words are not polite enough and emphasized with four exclamations. Not only that, you will find other blunt warnings in some corners in this place. I found another in Cashier. Hmmm..."nice" method!

Whatever they do, I still love Durian, Lho? ^^

24 May 10 01.34