Friday, March 5, 2010

Yellow Rice

Cooking is my mum's hobby. Yup, she is a good chef I ever now.
Last week, at Maulid Nabi Day Feb 26, 2010 or 12 Rabiul Awal on Friday, she cooked yellow rice; it was completed with vegetables; eggs; and etc. She loves share something to people around her. She is very nice mum; great woman. She cooked and shared them to our neighbors. The intention is to get Allah's blessing in our Prophet's day. This is only one of some ways we can do beside pray more and more absolutely.
Great job! Through hobby, she made people happy.
I hope, I can be the next, being a clever chef like my mum ^_^


Egi Arvian F said...

Why didn't you give me one then :(

bintangbintangde said...

someday :)